WandaVision Episode 7: The REAL Villain Finally Revealed | MCU Canon Fodder

WandaVision Episode 7 is here and finally we're getting to the bottom of things. The real villain of Marvel Studios' first series on Disney Plus was finally revealed. Is Wanda losing her grip? Will Monica Rambeau finally make it inside the Hex? Speaking of Inside the Hex, what about Darcy and Vision? Also, what is SWORD up to? And we've got all the Easter Eggs we could find in this week's episode of WandVision. Marvel Studios' first series on Disney Plus.Your questions finally get answered this week so join us for Canon Fodder where IGN host Max Scoville brings you the okayest WandaVision breakdown on the Internet.

Ever since Wandavision Episode 1, Marvel fans expected a goofy and off-kilter adventure and now that we're seven episodes in, we can definitely see that this is something new. Rockstars in the MCU like Wanda, Vision and the rest of the Avengers are about to be a lot more visible, more often. Following WandaVision, Disney Plus plans to roll out new Marvel Studios streaming content all year.

WandaVision features Wanda, portrayed by actress Elizabeth Olsen, Wanda, a.k.a. Wanda Maximoff, a.k.a the future Scarlet Witch. And, of course, Vision, portrayed by actor Paul Bettany. Vision, of course, appeared in films like Avengers: Age of Ultron and Infinity War, but not Avengers: Endgame. A recent WandaVision promo, and WandaVision trailer, showed Monica Rambeau's special rover vehicle approaching the Hex barrier, trying to get through, while other WandaVision Trailers, show Wanda and Vision. Also what about Neighbor Agnes? (a.k.a Agatha Harkness), portrayed by Kathryn Hahn. Seems certain that she knows more about Westview than she's letting on. And how about Pietro (a.k.a. Quicksilver a.k.a. Mephisto (according to some fans))? Join us and find out.
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  1. Luis Marchena

    Luis Marchena

    2 天 前

    Cybercrime is real Say that to the who hack CDPR Lol

  2. xIAMDAVEx


    2 天 前

    wow spoiler right there in the thumbnail...

  3. Joe Fern

    Joe Fern

    2 天 前

    Vision will become anti vision an evil vision from earth 616 and marvel will introduce THE GATHERERS into the universe with eternals movie which will introduce the kree.

  4. Aurang


    2 天 前

    She isnt the real villian, Ultron is. He has Visions body now!!!!

  5. Zach, get the diesel fuel

    Zach, get the diesel fuel

    2 天 前


  6. pratyush kumar

    pratyush kumar

    3 天 前

    Lol to the title of the video.

  7. Aviendha Kobus-Miller

    Aviendha Kobus-Miller

    3 天 前

    Okay WandaVision didn’t have to go that hard for “Agatha All Along” but they did that. They did that just for us

  8. guitar slingrr

    guitar slingrr

    3 天 前

    The Ancient One said"Sorcerers draw energy from alternate dimensions to create magic" this is how Agatha possessed fox pietro. Wanda would feel twin connection despite him being from another dimension, like when she felt MCU Pietro die.

  9. princessamm1


    3 天 前

    I’m guessing that nightmare going to be in wandavision.

  10. RLE Linney4

    RLE Linney4

    3 天 前

    the real villian is jimmy woo.....ok well maybe not a villain, but he is certainly hiding something and it isn't cards

  11. Roemark Belenario

    Roemark Belenario

    4 天 前

    Its the rule of 3s has influence the wandavision episodes

  12. Recluse the Sand-Night

    Recluse the Sand-Night

    4 天 前

    *Me :* Wait, it was Agnes this whole time? *[Insert something here] :* Always has been.

  13. Dan Helber

    Dan Helber

    4 天 前

    That book towards the end looks like the necronomicron

  14. Jeremiah Webb

    Jeremiah Webb

    4 天 前

    Agatha was never a villain in the marvel universe.

  15. Nicolas Pucheta

    Nicolas Pucheta

    5 天 前

    I don’t know much about her at all, but based on some things I read and watched about her character in the comics, she didn’t really sound like a villain. Doesn’t she help Wanda and The Fantastic Four?

  16. Plan B Captain

    Plan B Captain

    5 天 前

    nah, the main villain is “please stand by”

  17. Jeff The Killer Critic

    Jeff The Killer Critic

    5 天 前

    On this show Wanda is so overpowered, she is up there in the Samantha Stevens / Jeanie Catogory. as far as abilities, but stronger. IT would be interesting to see how they will bring this Scarlet witch back into the Avengers.

  18. Busa


    5 天 前

    The book is probably one of the books stolen from the library in Dr strange. There was more than one book stolen

  19. Mr. Y

    Mr. Y

    5 天 前

    is she a villain though?

  20. Jorge Carbajal

    Jorge Carbajal

    5 天 前

    Given its previous appearances in MCU media, I don’t think the book is the Darkhold. If it is, they’re going to have to explain why it looks different and why Agatha has it in her possession.

  21. FateMediaNet


    5 天 前

    wow, thanks for the thumbnail spoiler.

  22. Cristian T

    Cristian T

    5 天 前

    the book is her grimoire. i thought that was obvious.

  23. Fanatic Club

    Fanatic Club

    5 天 前

    In the 1982 four part miniseries, A spell book is left to Wanda from captain America which releases Samhain. Samhain is like an angel of death who (in the comic) takes over the minds of 3 kids giving them powers and having them fight Wanda and vision. I don’t think that this is what the book will do in this show but it is a potential.

  24. Pastor Yoda

    Pastor Yoda

    5 天 前

    *Batwoman > Wandavision*

  25. James A. Fitzpatrick

    James A. Fitzpatrick

    5 天 前

    Don't forget...Wandavision makes you see what it wants you to see, not necessarily the truth...

  26. Marc p

    Marc p

    5 天 前

    I don't know. I still think it's Mephisto or Darkhold possession. I think this is a tease or a misdirection until the REAL villain is revealed. If I remember, Agatha was Wanda's teacher, helpful. Until Wanda found out Agatha erased the memory of her children that Mephisto absorbed. Than Wanda ripped her to shreds.

  27. Busternutt69


    5 天 前

    seems MCU is taking the full on villain approach with Agatha. i hope she still shows Wanda some tricks

  28. Busternutt69


    5 天 前

    so this makes monica the third mutant in the mcu behind the twins right? or is she the first if the kids dont count as mutants? either way, shes a mutant in the MCU so... xmen and fantastic four!

  29. Time Fly

    Time Fly

    5 天 前

    Everyone who knows anything about the comics or watches CNround knew Agnes was Agatha Harkness since the first episode, so revealing her to be a villain isn't a big shock. And the way it was done with her own little "Agatha All Along" theme was way too on-the-nose. I suspect that Agnes is involved, but there's still another layer of complexity to go.

  30. JR Ricafrente

    JR Ricafrente

    6 天 前

    The book is the missing text from Dr. Strange

  31. Vladimir Petroski

    Vladimir Petroski

    6 天 前

    "Finally pays off is right!" Sorry, I got frustrated with the way this show was, everything outside the bubble bored the crap out of me!

  32. Okami Sensei

    Okami Sensei

    6 天 前

    I have a feeling that Monica's engineer is a Skrull, which is why she sides with Monica over Hayward. Also Pietro is likely the rabbit Scratchy who is also Agatha's son. I don't think Agatha is the main villain, there's someone else behind her.

  33. Serena


    6 天 前

    Pls it was me only being mad at her when she said she killed the dog too



    6 天 前

    Imagine if a super hero comes to YOUR neighborhood, changes the dimensional structure of everything, makes the town revolve around her, and when you troll her for the obvious lols you're obviously due, they make YOU the villain....couldn't be me

  35. sgt setia

    sgt setia

    6 天 前

    Vision back as jarvis just like when ultron kill jarvis, agata separate vision from wanda because vision can protect wanda, just like wanda, agata cannot control vision, that's why she trick vision to leave westview, force wanda to expand the hex, make her vulnerable cause vision leave her and more weight to control inside the hex

  36. Isabelle Pugsley

    Isabelle Pugsley

    6 天 前

    Agatha is a monster she killed sparky!

  37. Gati Akbar Wibisono

    Gati Akbar Wibisono

    6 天 前

    The actor who plays agatha is perfect to playing any disney villains

  38. Joe Fern

    Joe Fern

    6 天 前

    Vision will become anti vision an evil vision from earth 616 and marvel will introduce THE GATHERERS into the universe with eternals movie which will introduce the kree.



    6 天 前

    i love how IGn waited 24hrs to spoil the reveal in the thumbnail smh

  40. Pawan Negi

    Pawan Negi

    6 天 前

    0:36 thumbnail

  41. At Me

    At Me

    6 天 前

    What's the point in the Spoiler Alert if you show Agnes in the thumbnail anyway?

  42. 조ᄒᄂ


    6 天 前

    best thing happen on MCU is adding the twins

  43. Mansa Musa

    Mansa Musa

    6 天 前

    Its been Agatha all along

  44. Alberto Corona

    Alberto Corona

    6 天 前

    You guys shouldn’t have put agnes on the cover of the video

  45. Nicholas Couto

    Nicholas Couto

    6 天 前

    Why show "spoiler alert" after that thumbnail?

  46. Danya A

    Danya A

    6 天 前

    Im just wondering. Was Vision and Darcy also "talking" to Agatha also behind the scenes?

  47. Chris Trubac

    Chris Trubac

    6 天 前


  48. Raven !

    Raven !

    6 天 前


  49. Nico Doe

    Nico Doe

    6 天 前

    do yall not know what the point of a spoiler warning is?????????

  50. Covette01


    6 天 前

    Don’t need a spoiler tag when you show a picture of Agness with the word villain sprawled across it. Please do better in the future. Show a neutral photo or a group photo or something rather than a blatant spoiler.

  51. Todd Kilber

    Todd Kilber

    6 天 前

    pietro is agatha harknesses son Nick

  52. Cruster Master

    Cruster Master

    6 天 前

    Got i lover her acting

  53. xgoldenxchildx


    6 天 前

    Wtf IGN? Lay off of the spoiler title and thumbnails for the people who haven't seen it yet

    • Tom Fowler

      Tom Fowler

      3 天 前

      @XNorthEast make me

    • XNorthEast


      3 天 前

      @Tom Fowler shutthefuckup

    • Tom Fowler

      Tom Fowler

      5 天 前

      If you’re consuming this type of media this is hardly a spoiler

  54. Lorenzo Guerrero

    Lorenzo Guerrero

    6 天 前

    I wouldn't assume that Agatha is the villain. If anything, she's a chaotic neutral since she's playing with her food.

  55. LazyMayhem


    6 天 前

    Easter egg... Did anybody see the phoenix easter egg at the circus

  56. isturbo1984


    6 天 前

    cancelled my disney+

  57. T Walker

    T Walker

    6 天 前

    I don’t think Agatha is even real; I think Wanda created a villain to take the blame for what she has done.

    • MrChickchockaroo


      4 天 前


  58. Daniel Adams

    Daniel Adams

    6 天 前

    I'm up to date on the show, but I don't think it's appropriate to reveal the character in the thumbnail for those who aren't. It isn't necessary to do so and will spoil that reveal for anyone who isn't caught up. :(

  59. Logan


    6 天 前

    Nice spoiler in the thumbnail dumbasses

  60. OG G

    OG G

    6 天 前

    The missing person is Simon Williams AKA Wonder Man.

  61. OG G

    OG G

    6 天 前

    STOP SAYING VISION WAS KILLED. He is a damned machine. The Mind Stone gave him the ability to function. She repaired his body like she altered Monica's suit.

  62. OG G

    OG G

    6 天 前

    Disney will never allow Mephisto to show up on Disney+. Notice in the Agatha number that Peter was already there when Agatha mind controlled him.

  63. pup123434


    6 天 前

    Why did you even bother with the spoiler warning when the thumbnail already spoils it?...

  64. OG G

    OG G

    6 天 前

    Agatha is a misdirect.

  65. OG G

    OG G

    6 天 前

    The real villain will indeed by a Skywalker level reveal. Skywalker himself. Mark Hamill will be Nightmare.

  66. J Gabriel R

    J Gabriel R

    6 天 前

    Such a predictable show 🙄. So freaking overrated.

  67. soless dialtone

    soless dialtone

    6 天 前

    okay but why the music go so hard for darcy and vision

  68. justun chan

    justun chan

    6 天 前

    The thumbnail was a spoiler so, what the hell.

  69. asamonte


    6 天 前

    Oh great its Liv

  70. atrevinoaustre


    6 天 前

    IGN maybe don’t spoil the show with the thumbnail

  71. Sourav9097


    6 天 前

    This is the worst episode so far. I can't understand why Monica is so focused on saving Wanda. I mean, there are only few 100 hostages in that hex that she might have overlooked. 5/10 from me.

  72. procrapro


    7 天 前

    The real Villain is people who put spoilers in video thumbnails

  73. Tawakal Sandy

    Tawakal Sandy

    7 天 前

    Agatha is just a villian, not the main villain behind the anomaly

  74. Dan O'Keefe

    Dan O'Keefe

    7 天 前

    The book is the Necronomicon, not the Darkhold. Scarlet Witch #1 (1994) explores this, along with Agatha helping Wanda understand the nature of Nexus beings.

  75. fivenight


    7 天 前

    matryoshka villan

  76. Bill Zoeker

    Bill Zoeker

    7 天 前

    We see Agatha directly controlling Pietro. If Pietro were an accomplice, Agatha wouldn't need to control him. I figure he's either a construct/glamour, or Agatha pulled him out of the Fox universe and he might stick around once he's free of Agatha's thrall

  77. irman925


    7 天 前

    Condolences to anyone waiting to binge the whole series and coming across this thumbnail

  78. Terrible Maze

    Terrible Maze

    7 天 前

    I thought this was pretty obvious from episode one, seeing as Kate Hahn was the only other recurring cast member on the inside with name recognition. I'll admit episode 6 made me question that hypothesis briefly with an intentional fakeout scene between her and vision- but still, the reveal song was great.

  79. groble


    7 天 前

    Do you always need to put spoilers in the video title?

  80. Ian Moore

    Ian Moore

    7 天 前

    Am I the only one that sees the glasses, nose and mustache on that book? It’s obviously the Snarkhold, used to summon inter dimensional hipsters...before it was cool.

  81. Ahmed Rasheed

    Ahmed Rasheed

    7 天 前

    Wanda created the HEX, Agatha is just messing things up to get what she wants

    • Devon Jernigan

      Devon Jernigan

      5 天 前

      Absolutely true

  82. The Mad Titan

    The Mad Titan

    7 天 前

    Eh, I still think we have yet to see the big bad who I'm starting to believe more and more is Nightmare and not Mephisto or maybe an amalgam of the 2 - but I could see how someone who isn't familiar with the comics might take the reveal at face value and that Agatha really is the "one pulling the strings" but I think she's likely the mini boss before the big final boss battle.

  83. Haris Pramajakti

    Haris Pramajakti

    7 天 前

    but is she?

  84. Faris Alkathiri

    Faris Alkathiri

    7 天 前

    The real villain is mephisto and agatha help him so he can reveal in the world. Thats my thought ahaha

  85. Mike44win


    7 天 前

    Him: WHAT, you didn't see that coming? Me: Pietro :(

  86. Leo


    7 天 前

    This show is entertaining but overrated as hell.

  87. exploreevery


    7 天 前

    Congratulations IGN team for 15M subscribers 🎉

  88. Michael Malone

    Michael Malone

    7 天 前

    Red herring. She will be working for the main villain.

  89. redstar katchina

    redstar katchina

    7 天 前

    thanks for the heads up with task force over kill and sugar the cicada was a nice touch

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    Kevin Samuels

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  91. Jurgen Zaka

    Jurgen Zaka

    7 天 前

    Might there be a chance for Shuma Gorath to be the next big villain? Or at least be introduced in MCU? I know not many know who Shuma Gorath is but she is master of dark and chaos dimensions and great to introduce the multiverse. The only ones able to defeat him or at least seal him for some time is the ancient one and Dr. Strange. I really hope we get a glimpse of Shuma Gorath in multiverse of madness since he is madness itself and the avengers cant do a thing to him without dr strange. He is on and maybe stronger than Thanos and more evil than Mephisto. And he requires books and sacrifices to be raises into this world

  92. Felipe Carvalho

    Felipe Carvalho

    7 天 前

    Does Mephisto has superspeed in the comics? Because that's one heck of a power to win by magic.

  93. Pinda Kaas

    Pinda Kaas

    7 天 前

    It would be awesome if *Kathryn Hahn* starred in a *Stifler's Mom origin story...* 👀

  94. Julian Vel

    Julian Vel

    7 天 前

    "The closest thing the show has to a villain... besides Wanda." No, sir. Besides Hayward! Lmao.

  95. Ayush Khanka

    Ayush Khanka

    7 天 前

    Plot twist : he doesn't discuss about the villain all the time and explain the episode 7

  96. brendon lewis

    brendon lewis

    7 天 前

    Cancel Disney plans

  97. Nil brotto

    Nil brotto

    7 天 前

    Ok. Im that guy that’s gonna complain about a video. But hear me out. I could not watch it entirely since 40% of its content is literally saying what happened in the episode with some highlights of the best scenes. CNround’s algorithm’s is just making things worst and worst. I bet the number of viewers are declining on a daily basis. IGN. You’re better than that. Make it simple. Come up with better content and stick to the “news” not stating facts that we already saw on the episode.

  98. Omri Gal

    Omri Gal

    7 天 前

    Ok so Agatha was in control over Pietro when he was with wanda?

  99. William


    7 天 前

    types in ign gets spoiler for episode in title gg ign ,gg

  100. Nik Skywalker

    Nik Skywalker

    7 天 前

    Monicas acting is garbage